Ejercicio 2: Past Simple

(Prueba para usar el Past Simple de los verbos irregulares)

Pasado de los verbos irregulares – texto con huecos (dificultad: 3 de 5 – medio)

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos irregulares que se dan en paréntesis. Siempre conjuga el verbo en el tiempo verbal Simple Past (pasado simple).

  • Ejemplo: “Our guests _______ some nice presents.” (bring) → “Our guests brought some nice presents.”

Puedes comprobar tus resultados con el botón de abajo cuando hayas terminado. Si todavía necesitas ayuda con el tema, lee la utilización y la formación del Past Simple otra vez. También puedes usar el botón de ayuda, pero ten en cuenta que perderás puntos por ello.

  1. He must have been thirsty. He almost all of the water I . (drink, bring)
  2. When I her for the first time, I that she was an honest person. (see, know)
  3. He all the way down to see his family but as soon as he arrived, he noticed that they had gone on holiday. (drive)
  4. What did you do this morning? – Well, we down the street and some time in the park. (go, spend)
  5. She a letter which me very happy. (write, make)
  6. Don’t you have a lot of work to do? – No, the manager me some helpful information so I finish the project yesterday. (give, be able to)
  7. Where are you from? – I in London but I’ve moved to Paris recently. (grow up)
  8. When the dog the ducks, it jumped into the river to follow them. (hear)
  9. Have you seen Sue today? She her hair yesterday and now it looks very unusual. (cut)
  10. When I was younger I never attention in class so I study a lot at home. (pay, have to)

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